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Applegate painting before and after:

This beautiful big house is in Applegate. Painting it was an even bigger job!

These pictures are a great example of how exterior painting can improve the looks of a home.

This particular home was being listed for sale and the homeowner wanted it to look it's best. So of course, he chose us to be his Applegate painter.

The homeowner was lucky enough to have a great real estate agent who suggested some wonderful colors which you'll see below.

Applegate exterior painting

Wow! What a difference! These colors look so beautiful. The real estate agent was really correct in choosing this exterior paint color.

These soothing colors compliment the environment so well!

Color choices for a home's exterior is such an important decision. If you don't know what colors to choose, Jeff can help you!

We know the latest trends. Plus, we can give you a few tips on how to find the color that is just right for you.

Auburn Painting Review

Here is the review from this happy homeowner:

"We used Auburn Painting to paint the exterior of our house. They were responsive in the bidding process and addressed all of our questions promptly. The house is a very large, multi-level home that was a daunting task to paint.

Auburn Painting did a great job and followed up promptly on all of the "final details" to declare the job complete. We would readily recommend Auburn Painting for any and all of your painting needs."

Jeff & Dina Bosby
Applegate, CA

Our Specialties

We specialize in interior house painting and exterior house painting. If you've just purchased a home and want to get it in excellent shape before you move in - painting is the way to go.

It's much easier to have the painting done before you've moved all of your furniture in. Are you are an out-of-town owner? Or do you have a vacation home here? You can call on us for all of your painting needs.

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