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We're lucky!

Auburn paint stores are great.

Our customers very often ask:

"Which paint store do you use?"

Our answer is:

"All of them".

Here is some information about our local paint stores.

The first thing we do is find out from our customer if there is a certain paint they want to use. Sometimes they have a definite preference, like Kelly-Moore. If they don't have a preference, then we make our decision based on:

  • What will look the best
  • Last the longest
  • Be the best value
  • Handle a certain problem they have

All Auburn paint stores have excellent products. Some have specialty products or favorite ones we like to use. We receive a contractor discount at all of all Auburn paint stores. We pass that discount right onto our customers.

Also - all of these stores have paints in different grades: lowest grade which is the most economical, premium grade, and some have an even higher grade.

Here's a little about all of our great Auburn paint stores:

Warehouse Paint - 200 Palm Ave # A Auburn - (530) 885-7914

auburn paint stores warehouse

Great store, family owned and operated just like Auburn Painting. The clerks have been there a long time, which means it must be a great place to work! They are very knowledgeable about products.

Jeff calls Warehouse Paint very often and asks them product questions. Sometimes when we do a bid, the customer has a problem that needs to be fixed. For example, their deck was sticky from the last application of stain. Or the stain on their house looks milky. Or the bright color they bought a few years ago has now faded. These are the type of questions the experts at Warehouse Paint can answer.

They do good color matching and they're fast. They are one of the only Auburn paint stores (besides Home Depot) that's open 7 days a week.

Kelly Moore Paints - 431 Grass Valley Highway Auburn
(530) 885-4893

Kelly Moore has a good selection of popular stock colors that you can buy right off the shelf.

That means that you don't have to wait for them to mix a custom color.

Kelly-Moore paint store Auburn

Another advantage of purchasing stock colors is if you bought too much you can take back the extra. They can also mix a custom color, but if they're busy - there could be a wait.

Some of our customers only want Kelly-Moore. When that's the case, we make sure we make a note of it in our bid.

Sherwin Williams Paint - 471 Grass Valley Highway Auburn
(530) 888-1909

sherwin williams auburn paint store

Sherwin Williams has economical, premium, and a very high life-time grade of paint.

The clerks are very knowledgeable about their products, and willing to answer any questions.

You'll get waited on quickly, and if you need a custom color you don't have to wait long.

Some of our customers have specifically requested we use only Sherwin Williams paint.

The Home Depot - 11755 Willow Creek Drive Auburn
(530) 889-9810

We have to admit, when Home Depot first came to Auburn we weren't too excited.

We didn't think we'd use their paint products. Surprisingly....or not - we changed our minds.

They definitely have some paint that we really like.

Specifically they have a super high hiding paint that works really great when you're changing colors.

Home Depot Auburn

This saves you money in paint. Plus, if you're hiring a painter - you should save on the labor because they are applying fewer coats.

The other thing we like is (at least in our local Home Depot) the customer service is really outstanding. You don't end up walking down the aisles endlessly looking for something. One of their clerks will help you find what you're looking for.

The other thing that's nice about this store is while you're waiting for paint to be mixed, you can shop in lots of other departments. .

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