Choosing Paint Colors

tips for choosing paint colors

Choosing paint colors can sometimes be challenging.

In fact, many times it's the first thing we do when working with our customers.

Here are some of our top tips to help you make your decision.

Interior Tips

For interior, a good place to start is look at magazines or online to see what color combinations you prefer.

This can get you started with ideas. Make sure the colors you choose compliment any natural wood, furniture, or artwork.

Exterior Ideas

For exterior, drive around and find some homes that you like. Sometimes, you can even ask the owner what colors they used.

Want something different and contemporary? Visit some of the newer developments in and around Rocklin, Auburn, and Roseville. They've spent thousand of dollars in design fees to select the newest colors in the latest trends.

Get Paint Samples

We always advise our customers to get samples from the store. Then, paint a fairly good size sample on a wall (at least 1 to 2 square feet). Blend out the edges so it won't show through once a top coat is put over it.

Home Depot has the little tiny half pints. With our other local paint stores: Warehouse Paints, Kelly Moore, & Sherwin Williams, you usually have to get a quart because that's their smallest sample size.That's not a big deal if you're pretty sure what color you want. But, if you have to try lots of different colors - the price can add up.

Your favorite paint store, in spite of having lots of choices, may not have a color you like or a color you're looking for. So, you may have to try a different store with a different brand. Each store and paint brand has a whole different set of colors.

Color Matching

If you find a color in one brand, but you prefer to get in a different brand you can take the color chip and have it matched in another store.

For example: if you find a color at Home Depot you like, but want to have Kelly Moore or Sherwin Williams, or Pittsburg brand (carried at Warehouse Paints) you can have the store match it.

All our local paint stores have their own sample paint color charts. They show wonderful examples of colors that go well together. So when choosing paint colors - check out the store's combinations on their charts.

Test In Different Lighting

When testing colors, you want to apply them preferably in a corner so you can see how the different lighting effects the look.

Check out this picture to the right. It's the same color, but different lighting.

One wall looks greenish and the other wall has a blueish tint.

paint colors in different light

Also, look at the samples throughout the day and evening so you can how they look and if they change substantially. Some colors do and you don't want to be surprised later!

For interior - look at it with natural light coming through the windows and the artificial light during the night time.

This is because colors can change a lot depending up the light.
The reason for a fairly large sample is because a little 3 inch square sample will be effected by the background cover and might look different then when you have a bigger sample of the wall. This testing application also applies to exterior paint.

Hopefully this has helped you in your search for the perfect color combination for your home or business. Jeff is really good at helping to select colors and he'd be happy to help you in choosing paint colors too.

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