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As a commercial painter, we have experience in painting many different types of buildings.

These projects can be much different from working for homeowners.

For example, you're not just dealing with a few people (i.e. the homeowners).

As a commercial contractor, and especially when you're doing exterior painting you can be dealing and interacting with many different people.

commercial painter Auburn

We spend extra time to find out what the owners need. We want to make sure that their business is not disrupted or inconvenienced at all. We also make sure we do the little things like: no loud music (although we never do that anyway!), friendly and courteous (that's our middle name!), and of course neat - neat - neat!

We pride ourselves with our ability to do a great job, and have very happy customers.

Commercial Painting Contractor Auburn

Here is an example of a large exterior job we did in Auburn. You might recognize it. This is Auburn Ravine Terrace. It's a 107 unit retirement complex. We painted the entire exterior.

One of the main things we were very aware of was the safety of the residents and staff. For example, at the end of each day we put all of the the paint and materials completely away. This ensured safety after hours.

Also, during the day we made sure that no paint or materials were in the way of staff or residents. Additionally, when we sprayed the buildings, we confirmed there were no vehicles nearby which could get over-spray on them.

commercial painting Auburn

On this particular building, several of the balconies needed quite a bit of prep work. We were diligent with the sanding, caulking, patching before we painted.

Commercial Painting Contractor Colfax

commercial painting Colfax

This is another commercial painter project we completed. Subway in Colfax.

One of the best thing about this job was the delicious smell of the fresh baking bread every morning.

Plus, the staff were very friendly.That's one of the great perks of this community!


As a commercial contractor, it's our duty to make sure the owner of the building and their customers are never inconvenienced by our painting. Here's what the owner had to say about Auburn Painting.

"Our family contracted with Auburn Painting for 2 commercial painter projects. We had commercial buildings in Colfax. It was very late in the season and we were concerned about the job being completed before the rains came.

After inspection of the properties, it was discovered that repairs were necessary before the painting could commence. Not only did Jeff facilitate us in finding someone competent to complete the repairs within our time frame, he provided sample sections of paints on the buildings to provide better visualization of the completed job.

We, as well as our tenants, were very pleased with the professionalism of this company and we would be happy to refer and work with Auburn Painting again.”
L. Taylor (Business Owner - Colfax, CA)

Auburn Commercial Painter

Auburn commercial painter

We were lucky enough to work for Paul & Sherry Gilbert, owners of the Black Forest Garage in Auburn.

They had us do exterior painting of their shop. We also painted their metal roof.

Here's what they say about us:

"Hi, We are Paul and Sherry Gilbert. We are also, The Black Forest. We first used Jeff (Auburn Painting) on the exterior painting of our house. Then it was interior painting - the ceiling of our house.

We recently decided to have the exterior of our shop (including metal roof) painted and did not hesitate to call Jeff for the job.

He always quotes a fair price, and estimate of time to do the work. He always completes in budget and on or ahead of time. One thing I find hard about work done at my home is having strangers in my house.

Jeff was not a stranger even on his first day with us, he is easy to work with and easy to be around and his attention to detail is wonderful. Jeff is the only person we would trust with paint at our home or our business. Next... interior walls."
Paul and Sherry Gilbert - Business Owners and Homeowners Auburn, CA

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