Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting can be quite a chore for a property owner. That's why you should have us do it for you. We've painted hundreds of homes and commercial properties in Placer and Nevada counties and have an extensive reference list. Below is a sampling of our residential work. If you'd like to see our commercial work, click here.

Exterior Painting Auburn - Before Picture

exterior painter

This was a very enjoyable home to paint in Auburn. Here is the before picture.

This is an excellent example of how much better a home can look with a new coat of paint! Check out the picture below.

Exterior Painting Auburn - After Picture

Wow! What a difference. And boy was the owner happy! She chose an exterior paint color for the body that was a little lighter.

Then we really made it look great with a cream color trim.

Don't you think this house looks years younger?

Auburn exterior painting

Lake of the Pines Exterior Painting

Lake of the Pines painter

We love working in Lake of the Pines and have many happy customers there.

In fact, some of our best customers don't live there full time themselves. They have vacation homes. or rentals in LOP.

We help the homeowner to keep their property looking great.

This is a picture that shows some "natural wood eaves". Many homeowners enjoy this refreshing look.

Because of that, we are very careful to seal the eaves correctly and not get any body paint on them.

It takes extra time, but it is worth it.

Lake of the Pines Painting in Progress

This is another Lake of the Pines project in progress.

You can see how we are masking off carefully and have the drops on the driveway.

One thing that's a bit different about LOP homes is that whereas most of the house looks great.... there can be a few sides that get hit hard by the sun. These sides need extra care which includes painting them more often.

One tip is if the siding is very dry, we do have special products we can use to seal it nicely before it gets repainted.

Lake of the Pines painting

Grass Valley Painting in Progress

Grass Valley exterior painting

This beautiful home in Grass Valley - near Lake of the Pines was very interesting to paint. The owner was the designer. The home had been painted a few years before, but the bright color had faded.

We worked with our local paint store to make sure the new product would be more fade resistant.

Although that took a bit of work - it was definitely worth it!

The house turned out great and the owner was more than pleased!

Here's the same house from a different view. It shows how much brighter the new color is and how much the color above had faded out.

This was an especially fun house to paint because of it's unique colors and unusual structure. It had even been featured in a major magazine.

Grass Valley exterior painter

Rocklin Painting - After Picture

exterior painting Rocklin

This was a wonderful home to paint in Rocklin. The owner chose some great exterior paint colors that go well with his roof and brick work.

We painted this home with an eggshell sheen. This type of sheen stays cleaner than regular flat paint.

Colfax House Painting Before Picture

We loved working on this house! It was quite a transformation as you will see below. We had a lot of prep to do, but it was worth it.

We've painted several houses and commercial properties for the same family. Word of mouth is one of the main ways we get our business.

Colfax house painter

Colfax House Painting After

exterior painting Colfax

Wow! What a difference. This looks like a completely different house! The owner was so happy with our work. This shows how much a home can transform by paint!

The owner picked a great paint color that blends with environment.

A new coat of paint can make your home look years younger! I guess it's similar to a face lift!

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