House Painting

exterior house painting

House painting can not only improve the look of your residence, but it can also protect it from the elements.

Having a good coat of paint or house stain on the siding can shield it from the harsh elements.

Making sure your stucco is protected with a thorough coat of paint will seal and prevent cracks.

Resealing or re-staining your home can make a dry old looking home new again!

Trends change and no one wants the colors of their home to become dated. What's popular 10 years ago isn't necessarily popular now. Having an updated color scheme is especially important if you want to sell your home.

Interior Painting

Getting the interior of your home painted can make it look clean and new again.

It's absolutely amazing how much just a change of color can transform your entire home.

You may wonder . . .

"Why should I have Auburn Painting do my interior painting".

A big reason is that we're neat!

You don't need to worry that they'll be any paint where there shouldn't be!

We produce a beautiful result that you will be very happy with.

Auburn interior painting

Paint Colors

best interior painting

One thing is for sure, there are lots of paint colors to choose from!

It can even be overwhelming! Especially if you' want to change your current color scheme.

Well you don't need to worry because:

Jeff is happy to help you with color selection.

Here are some painting tips for color selection and sheen.

For exterior paint colors: The first place to start is to drive around and find homes with colors you like. That will give you a starting point. Sometimes you can even ask the owner what colors they used.

For interior paint colors: If you're having the interior of your home painted here is a suggestion: lighter paint for ceilings, baseboards, and crown molding is popular. If you're changing the wall color - get a swatch and place it next to your furniture to see how it goes. But remember - we can help you with color choices.

What kind of sheen? For walls and exterior siding, eggshell sheen is more durable and washable than flat. Baseboards, doors, and crown molding looks great in a gloss finish.

Best time to paint

When is the best time to have the exterior of your home painted? Well, unless it's raining or snowing ...pretty much anytime is fine.

Paint products have developed so far that we can safely apply paint in the winter. It will dry within a few hours as long as the temperature is at least 35 degrees.

If you're not in a hurry, one of the best reasons for having your exterior house painting done in the winter months is that you may be able to get a better price for house painting services. This is because the peak season or exterior house painting is Spring, Summer, and Fall.

We can of course paint the interior any time of year.

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