Interior House Painting Common Questions

beautiful interior house painting

Considering having some interior house painting done?

Then you might be interested in the common questions our customers ask and our answers.

If you have a question that isn't covered here - give us a call. We'll be happy to help.

What Do We Move?

  • Q: Do we need to move our furniture before you arrive?
  • A: We'll move your furniture, but you'll need to move any breakables. For example: dishes and knick-knacks inside the china cabinet or fragile artwork.

What About Ceilings?

  • Q: For house interior painting, do you always paint the ceilings?
  • A: Most of the time, ceilings are in pretty good shape and often don't need to be painted - just the walls. Unless of course you're going to have color changes. Sometimes when you select a different color for the walls - the ceiling color isn't complimentary. For example: a white ceiling might take on a greenish cast with a new wall color, or maybe the white clashes. Believe it or not there are lots of different shades of white. Some are warmer and some are cooler. Examples of warm colors are yellow, orange, and red. Examples of cool colors are grey, green, blue. So put on a large swatch of the color close to the ceiling to see how it looks.

What About Paint Smell?

  • Q: Is the smell of the paint going to be strong?
  • A: Over the last few years they've definitely reduced the odor of paints down to practically nothing. This means you can have the inside of your home painted in any season - you won't need to open all the windows to air it out. If you are super sensitive, let us know and we'll select a paint with the least odor. In fact, there are paints odorless enough to use in occupied hospitals.

How About Winter Painting?

  • Q: Can we have you paint in the winter?
  • A: Yes, winter is a great time to upgrade the interior of your home. We use paint that dries very fast (even at low temperatures) and has hardly any smell. And we can even paint the exterior of your home in the winter - as long as it's not raining of course.

What About Color Selection?

A: How do we pick our colors? This is such a big topic we've written an entire page on it. Click here to find out what we say.
Q: What sheen should be used in interior painting?

  • Q: What sheen should be used in interior painting?
  • A: There is a trend towards an eggshell sheen over a flat because it is more washable for walls. Also, for woodwork or walls (bathroom and kitchen) there is a sheen between eggshell and semi-gloss call "satin or low-sheen" which many people are currently preferring over semi-gloss because it's not quite as shiny.

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