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Our painting services are extensive. We service both residential and commercial customers.

Our main service area is Placer County and parts of Nevada County in and around Lake of the Pines.

We've painted the interior and exterior of homes, office buildings, stores, barns, rentals for landlords, retirement homes and hospitals, and condominiums just to name a few.

Interior painting can improve the look of your home or commercial property immensely.

Here are a few notes on our interior painting services. We can move the heavy furniture, so you don't need to worry about that. We do ask that you remove anything fragile (like china in a cabinet) or artwork.

If you are a landlord and need to get your rental ready to rent again - call us. We'll find out what you specifically need. Most of the time we can do your job right away and work within your schedule so you can get your property rented right away.

Exterior: We have so much experience in this area. Our main goal is to have a beautiful finished product that you are super happy with. It's absolutely amazing what a coat of paint can do to liven up a building! Make sure you visit other pages on our site and check out our pictures of finished work.

Commercial: As a commercial painter, we have experience in painting many different types of buildings. We're very proud of our commercial work and strive to do an excellent job. We specialize in condominiums, retirement homes and hospitals, strip malls, and office complexes.

House Painting: House painting can not only improve the look of your residence, but it can also protect it from the elements. We offer both interior and exterior services.

Wallpaper Removal: We can either remove the wallpaper or paint over it. Each option has its advantages. Visit our wallpaper removal page to read more about this.

Deck staining is another one of our services. In fact, we have some customers who have us do their decks every year. First we pressure wash the deck, then once it is completely dry (usually a few days) we stain it.

We'll work with you to make sure we put the best product on. It used to be that oil based stain was the best option, not anymore. Now, there are some wonderful water based stains that are very durable and look beautiful.

Pressure Washing: When we paint an exterior of a home or commercial building, in many cases we pressure wash first. It depends on how dirty the building is and if there is loose or peeling paint. We apply just the right amount of pressure to remove the dirt, grime, and loose paint without damaging the surface.

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