Painting Experience

painting contractor

Painting experience is important when choosing a contractor for a project at your residence or business.

I've been licensed for over 25 years.

During these years, we worked on the interior and exteriors of hundreds of buildings including:

  • Homes with siding: a key step is to make sure proper preparation is done and the siding is ready for paint.
  • Stucco homes: I make sure that any patching done matches the current texturing.
  • Log homes: This type of home can be tricky. One important aspect is to find out what product was used on the home the last time. This applies for both interior and exterior.
  • Exterior stained homes: Over the last several years, there have been many new stain products. It used to be that an oil based stain was the best. Not anymore. Now there are some incredible water based stains that are even more durable and cover better than oil based. One of the first things I do when staining a building is to check what product was used the last time. I want to make sure the stain I put on is compatible. If this isn't done, the stain can stay sticky for months. This also applies to decks.
  • Commercial buildings: From my experience, this usually involves not only dealing with the owner, but also dealing with tenants. Coordination must be done so as to not disrupt the tenants. I make it a top priority to stay in touch with the owner and tenants. This makes the job goes smoothly.
  • Strip malls: this type of structure usually has many different units and tenants. Coordination is vital to make sure the tenants business or customers are never inconvenienced.
  • Retirement homes like Auburn Ravine Terrace (one of our customers) require extra care and planning as we were dealing with the elderly and a large staff.
  • Condominium complexes require coordination with each individual owner to schedule painting their front doors and balconies. And in many instances I assisted in color selection.
  • Apartment complexes that we've done have gone very smoothly because of our planning and scheduling. With a multiple building complex, we complete one building at a time. This keeps things neat and organized.

If you've just purchased a home and want to get it in excellent shape before you move in - painting is the way to go. It's much easier to have it done before you've moved all of your furniture in.

Are you are an out-of-town owner? Or do you have a vacation home in Placer County? You can call us to give you an estimate.We'll work with your schedule and give you a written estimate either in person or via email - whichever works for you.